What Incarnation of Palindrome are You?

Each and every year, Palindrome dies and is reborn, kind of like a Phoenix, but more coin obsessed and less mythological. Each incarnation of Palindrome has its own strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, just as each coin hunter has his or her own strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Now, thanks to the awesome power of the Interwebs, you can find out which incarnation of Palindrome you would be, if you were, in fact, an incarnation of Palindrome.

  1. Could you spend more than 20 hours working on a single puzzle? Even if it's a sudoku?

    Every puzzle's worthwhile

    Sudokus engender absolute dejection

    Nos.? I don't think so, son

    I could spend days making choices about digits

  2. How often do your dreams feature MIT runarounds?

    Everyone relishes runaround fantasies

    Every so often; they're annoying, I believe

    Not any day or night

    Always bad dreams, i.e. nightmares

  3. Eleven PM Friday night, what's your team doing?

    Watching MTV

    Constructing cryptoquotes

    We want beer, bad!

    Working on a way to make our frontal lobes grow

  4. Cryptic clue or answer in Morse code?

    Cryptics eat it; Morse rules!

    Dash; dot; dash – it is oh so sad

    Radio transmissions aggravate; anagrams elevate

    Cryptics vs. Morse code has the potential to create an amazing argument

  5. Know any good reference books?

    OED bucks like a rodeo!

    I don't look at books; I opt for tabula rasa

    Thesauri benefit literate contenders

    Almanacs, atlases....I love them!

  6. Are you able to keep a poker face when a solving team is nearing a correct answer?

    Totally impassive

    I laugh or sob unrestrainedly

    Emotions kept under control, I lie easily and nobody else can lie to me

    Simply ROFLMAO

  7. Remember your favorite hunt? Which one was it?

    Dragnet as a theme rocked the school hard

    1996's hunt, viz. mad ninja Calvinists

    Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

    Absolute favorite: Albino lesbian minotaurs

  8. Coins are for kids – and sometimes silly rabbits! What do YOU think?

    Animal completely eclipses neonates

    IMHO, coins ain't for lagomorphs

    Stick it to the kids; I love rabbits!

    Given the choice betwixt beauty and the beasts, I'd avoid the beasts

  9. Have you ever considered slipping the coin in your pocket right before the winning team finds it?

    Proclaiming innocence: Negative!

    Last January I almost did palm it

    No, I'd never thought of it, but maybe I should start a new tradition

    A coin (four oz.) proves simple to withdraw

  10. If you could only compose one type of puzzle from now until the day you die, what type would it be?

    Anything but kakuro

    Perplexing, devious slitherlink variants

    Hands-on puzzles with some assembly required

    Scavenger hunts with intentional snafus that make teams scream like maniacs

  11. Very angry teams have been calling HQ for the past hour complaining about a particular metapuzzle. What is your response?

    Probably Tylenol, certainly Ativan

    Mock them wrathfully

    Pugnaciously say, "Hush!" and hang up

    Make them RTFM

  12. Every team needs a spirit animal. What would your team's animal be?

    A dormouse, probably in a pagoda

    Some type of wild thing, e.g. a feral sphinx

    Australian kangaroo

    Here ya go: Fish is my choice

  13. Some people say there are more important things in life than the Mystery Hunt. What do you think?

    Ignorant idiots!

    Moderation in all things is truly wisdom

    I plan to be hunting until the end of days

    A hunt is just mystery QED